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All of our products have been adapted to accommodate the EZ Dock interlocking system.  

Take a look and see how you can enjoy the same quality products as our retail docks. 

EZ Dock connectors are not included.  See your EZ Dock retailer.

EZ Dock Adapted Products

ezdock stairs.jpg
4 Step Stairs
  • Made to walk up and down as if you were in your own home, the stairs hinge out of the water to keep them clear of debris and algae growth when not in use. Made of aluminum these stairs are lightweight for ease in maneuvering.


  • Designed to be versatile and used three different ways!  Place the bench towards and just below the water so friends and family can be included in water activities or place the bench towards the dock or reverse it towards the water for additional on the dock seating.


ezdock_basketball hoop.jpg
Backboard Stand & Ball Holder
(includes bracket & post)
  • Entertain the kids while you sit back and relax.  This backboard stand can be mounted to a dock or pool side for hours of entertainment. The attached ball holder keeps balls from rolling around or floating away.



ezdock_board holder2.jpg
Board/Kayak/Ski/Water Mat Holder
  • An adaptation to the Everything Holder above this option keeps your boards/rafts lower on the dock and on their side. 


IMG_0088 (1).JPG
Low Profile
Board/Kayak/Ski/Water Mat Holder
  • An adaptation to the board holder above this option keeps your boards/rafts lower on the dock and on their side.

  • Great for use with the kayak launch.


ezdock_kayak holder.jpg
ezdock_flag holder2.jpg
Flag Pole Holder - Tall
  • Aluminum Flag Pole Bracket - use with up to a 2" diameter flag pole.

  • Set screw holds in place.



Flag Pole Short

6' 2"x2" Straight Aluminum Post ($87)
6' 2"x2" Bent Aluminum Post ($112)

$87 - $112 

ezdock_flag holder.jpg
  • Use all the ForeShore products with your EZ Dock system by purchasing a straight or bent post.  Choose the bent post to move items further off the dock and over the water. 

  • Multiple products can be added to one post. 

  • All items below attach to a post - descriptions on product page.​​​


  • $62 Shelf

  • $65 Life Jacket Holder

  • $29 Flag Pole Short (see side pic)

  • $42 Tackle Box Holder

  • $35 Single Rod & Reel Holder​

  • $65 Double Rod & Reel Holder​


Life Jacket Holder

Double Rod and Reel Holder

Single Rod and Reel Holder

Attach multiple products to one post.

Tackle box holder - tackle box not included.

EZ Dock Distributor
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