4 Step & 5 Step Stairs
  • Made to walk up and down as if you were in your own home, the stairs hinge out of the water to keep them clear of debris and algae growth when not in use. Made of aluminum these stairs are lightweight for ease in maneuvering.

  • Use 4 step when dock is 24" or below off the water

  • use 5 step when dock 24" or greater off the water

$700 - 725

Heavy Duty Stairs
  • These are the ultimate stairs for getting out of the water.  The grand staircase of water stairs that provide the ultimate support and visual appeal with a taller rail than the 4 and 5 step stairs.  Use when need handles to extend further into the water or prefer aesthetic grandness of the design.


Pontoon Boat Stairs
  • The same look and feel to our original stairs. These stairs provide easy access in and out of the water while on the go.  The unique folding option makes them a must have if you own a pontoon boat! (Single & double hinge available)

$650 - 750

  • Designed to be versatile and used three different ways!  Place the bench towards and just below the water so friends and family can be included in water activities or place the bench towards the dock or reverse it towards the water for additional on the dock seating. (Umbrella sold separately)


Backboard Stand & Ball Holder
  • Entertain the kids while you sit back and relax.  This backboard stand can be mounted to a dock or pool side for hours of entertainment. The attached ball holder keeps balls from rolling around or floating away.


Mat Crank Roller
  • This portable mat crank will make rolling your water mat easy for storage.  Universal use on any mat.  Transport and store wherever you take your mat, especially on a boat.  Optional red powder coating available.  Set of two.

  • Patent Pending.

  • See the product in use on our YouTube channel accessible on the home page.

  • Order on Amazon


Mat Crank Holder
  • Store your mat crank on the dock for easy access.  Attaches to any 2" or 2 1/2" square or round post.


Board/Kayak/Ski/Water Mat Holder
  • Keep the dock free from tripping hazards. Attach these brackets to your upright posts to store paddle boards, wakeboards, kayaks, water mats or other items off the dock and out of the way.

  • Attaches to any 2" or 2 1/2" post.


Cooler Cart
  • Tired of moving a heavy cooler around?  This portable cart makes entertaining easy.  Both carts are constructed with wheels and have a garbage bag holder.  The table top makes it easy to make your snack or place your drink.  (Cooler not included)

$195 -395

Cooler Divider and Shelf
(yeti 45 and 65 cooler insert)
  • Custom made aluminum cooler divider with removable shelf.  Keep in the freezer until ready to use for additional cooling feature.  Double plated design creates a side shelf without losing the cooler divide.  Diamond plate aluminum.

  • Not made by Yeti.

  • Cooler not included.

  • Order on Amazon 

$55 - $60

Life Jacket Holder
  • Keep life jackets and towels off the dock and railings.  Use this holder that conveniently attaches to a post allowing air to circulate around the objects so they dry quickly!

  • Attaches to any 2" or 2 1/2" post.


  • Keep your valuables safe and dry when near the water.   Store your radio, keys, wallets, and other valuables off the table and on this shelf.  

  • Attaches to any 2" or 2 1/2" post.


Flagpole Holder
  • Show your patriotism or school spirit and fly a flag right from the dock using this sturdy, stay in place flag holder.

  • Attaches to any 2" or 2 1/2" post.


Rod & Reel Holder
  • Hold your fishing rod and reel securely in place when you need your hands free.  Available in single or double.  The double option comes with a shelf for your bait, lures, hooks, bobbers and other accessories.

  • Attaches to any 2" or 2 1/2" post.  

  • Rod and reel not included.

$29 - 55

Tackle Box Holder
  • Keep your tackle box off the dock and in this holder for easy access!

  • Attaches to any 2" or 2 1/2" post.

  • Holds a 14"x 9"x 2" tackle box.

  • Tackle box not included.


Fender Holder
  • Store fenders on your deck and ready to use when needed.  Attaches to any 2{ or 2 1/2" square or round post.


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